We design and build custom Western Signs

Not only was Old West Signs established a long time ago, the folks making these signs go way back, are still doing hand crafted workmanship that didn’t die in the “old days” and is still practiced today at www.oldwestsigns.com. Where pride in the art shows in all their work. Talk about attention to detail, these guys will sandblast part of the paint off of a sign, texturize the wood, and add some special effects secrets to have your friends ask you, “Hey, where did you get that cool old sign?” Want a sign painted on old barn wood, they can do it.

Authentic Western Signs

When you’re trying to communicate using an Old West theme, there’s nothing that detracts from the authenticity of your decor like sub-par signage. Here at Old West Signs, we carve our signs out of real wood and use actual rusted metal to get the job done. You’re not going to find any knock-off sign that someone created in their garage with this company. We’re western sign buffs, and that means that we don’t make you anything less than the best sign we can imagine.

Whether you’re coming to us with your own idea of how to build a sign or not, we’re ready to tackle your creative vision. We work with people just like you to draft up signs that have never been made before and turn an idea into reality. Maybe you’ve seen a sign in an old movie and want to hang one just like it in the den. We do that too. We’ve recreated signs from all kinds of Western shows and movies and customized them to fit each customer.

When it comes to Western signs, our goal is simple. We want to create the best sign you’ve ever had and make it look like it’s 100 years old. Our signs fit in an old western town without any kind of weathering needed. We ship our signs to you ready to install, and heck, if you need us on the install we’ve been known to fly around the country and help with that too.

Don’t settle for a sign that looks like it was made by an amateur. Ensure that your next sign will cause your customers to take notice and bring the look and feel of the Old West to your establishment.

Send us a telegram!

At Old West Signs, we may not understand your fancy technology, but don’t worry! We’ve got Pearl. She sits by the old telegraph machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to transcribe your fancy digital messages for us. Let her know how we can build something together and we’ll ride around yer way an holler about it.

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