You ever want a sign that looks like it is 100 years old? 

Then step up pardner, because we are the folks to do just that and more.

Not only was Old West Signs established a long time ago, the folks making these signs go way back, are still doing hand crafted workmanship that didn’t die in the “old days” and is still practiced today at Where pride in the art shows in all their work. Talk about attention to detail, these guys will sandblast part of the paint off of a sign, texturize the wood, and add some special effects secrets to have your friends ask you, “Hey, where did you get that cool old sign?” Want a sign painted on old barn wood, they can do it.

Today’s culture sometimes shows disdain for the “historic” or “old” and are part of the throw away movement.  We, at love the history of this great country and show respect for it by remembering and preserving the past. 

With our 36 years in the sign business, you will find no one else as dedicated to your project needs like us. Our rugged, solid wood signs have real character and are made to look a hundred years old. Each sign is handcrafted and has a feel of authenticity…Perfect for gifts and decorating.

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Ranch Signs
Western Signs
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Custom Signs

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    Our customers appreciate a great sign like they do a great horse, they can count on both through thick and thin.

    “We have built an authentic old west town in Weatherford, Texas and have used Mark and Alora for all of our signs because their signs are original and authentic. Alora has done a great job of designing each and every sign in our old west town and is great to work with on the designs. I am very particular about all details in our construction and also I am a perfectionist on EVERY detail. We have been contacted by several companies that make movies and by numerous individuals that would like to use our old west town. I would highly recommend them for any of your sign needs.”
    Mitchell Siegal
    “We are so proud of our new sign. It really sets off our new entrance to the ranch. We looked high and low for this type of sign and until we met Mark and Alora, it just was not going to happen. They worked with us and used our artwork to create this great sign. We asked them to run with it and that’s what they did and I’ll tell you that it works out best if you let them do it that way. We have already had folks from our neighboring ranches come and take a good look at this work of art. I cant say enough about how great this all turned out, it is the front door to The Roughside Ranch.”
    Phill Hunt